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JOIN NOW! You can receive a freshly designed Oklahoma themed shirt each month for the same great price! Our Shirt of the Month will be a cool, fresh new design for our subscribers only. Sign up today! You can cancel anytime you would like and all shirts will be mailed out the first week of each month.


What I get when I sign up?

By signing up you receive a fresh, new made in Oklahoma  themed shirt every month. Why wear just one shirt when you can have a new one each and every month CHEAP? With your initial signup you will be mailed our OKLA black & White tee as your initial tee!

Is this just for our Subscribers?

Every monthly shirt is unique and will only be sold to subscribers.. These shirts are for subscribers only. 

Am i able to Cancel Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime but why would you? Well, if you decide you want to all we ask is that all cancellations take place before the 20th of each month. If you do cancel and then decide you want to sign up again, we have no hard feelings and would love you to rejoin! 

When Do I Receive My Shirts?

All shirts ship the 10th of each month, Depending where you live this should get to you quickly!

What If It Doesn't Fit?

If you have a sizing issue, we will be happy to update your size for future shipments. If you would like to exchange, you will need to pay for the shipping but we will gladly make the change for you.